Star Trek Discovery‘s “Will You Take My Hand?”


We gotcher twists, we gotcher turns, we gotcher reversals, we gotcher crowning moments of awesome, and we gotcher major-ass head-scratchers. The first season comes to a kinda satisfying ending — my review of the first-season finale of Star Trek Discovery, “Will You Take My Hand?”

An excerpt:

Tilly gets lots to do in this episode, and that’s all to the good, as Mary Wiseman is a delight. We get Tilly in several modes: the word vomit when she meets Georgiou and realizes that it’s not really the mainline captain but the MU’s emperor, the glee with which she gets back into “Captain Killy” mode by threatening the arms dealer, the devotion to Burnham, the willingness to eat alien food without knowing what it is (and then spitting it out when she realizes it’s an endangered species), the lack of judgment in going to the space opium den, and her keeping it together while high when she needs to report that the drone is really a bomb.

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