Friday fanfare: “Long Live the Chief”

Last weekend, my final program item at Farpoint was a panel on Marvel’s Netflix series. I was the moderator and the first question I asked was of each panelist which was their favorite of the series, and which they thought was the best. My answer for best was Jessica Jones season 1, but my answer for favorite was Luke Cage season 1, despite the weaker back third, because there was so much awesome in it.

We wound up going off on a different subject, so I never got to come back around to what was so appealing about Cage for me, and one of those things was the music. The acts that played in Harlem’s Paradise were used to very good effect in the early going, and probably the most impressive was the use of Jidenna’s powerful “Long Live the Chief” to open the fifth episode, “Just to Get a Rep.” Jidenna himself auditions the song for Cottonmouth, interspersed with shots of Cage going through the wreckage of his apartment and Claire Temple getting mugged upon her return to her Harlem home.

Here’s the song. Great stuff.

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