back from Planet Comicon

I had a fantastic time at Planet Comicon in Kansas City this past weekend, once again part of the Bard’s Tower booth alongside fellow word-slingers Melinda M. Snodgrass, Kevin J. Anderson, Quincy J. Allen, Michelle Corsi, and A.R. Crebs, along with Suzanne Solomon and Amy Gruss of Tower of Turtles, Aysha Rehm of Imagine a Book SF, and Bard’s Tower’s lord and master, ol’ Kitty-Trunks his own self, Alexi Vandenberg. We sold many books, met many people, ate lots of food, drank lots of beer, and did several panels, including two I got to do with Kevin and Melinda, one on Star Wars, one on why the space program is nifty.

Some highlights in photographic form:


The Bronx as seen from my plane as I took off from LaGuardia Thursday night.



The con’s exhibitor badges. I approve wholeheartedly of the image chosen.



The books I had for sale at the con’s commencement. By the end of the con, all we had left were a couple copies of Orphan Black: Classified Clone Report, and a much smaller pile of Nights of the Living Dead. Everything else was sold out.



Me and my banner. I’m the one in the foreground…………..



A blurry shot of the Bard’s Tower booth. Left to right: Michelle, Kevin’s back, Suzanne, Aysha, and Melinda.






A gaggle of Discovery fans! And just generally a nifty bunch of folks, who came by the booth several times.



My half-yard of beer from Friday night’s dinner. This was a local brew called Flying Monkey and was quite refreshing.



One of the weekend’s finest cosplays, of Fleet Captain Pike from “The Menagerie” episode of Star Trek. The chair beeped, too! And on the back was a sign that said, “TALOS IV OR BUST!”



Me with Brian Gordon of Fowl Language.



Perfect t-shirt for the nerd whose friends/family are all costuming but she isn’t……



Inspector Clousseau, complete with his own Pink Panther.



Some abiding cosplay. (Ahem.) It’s the Dude, Walter, and Donny. (Donny’s in the coffee can.)




This woman did the full-on Wonder Woman costume Saturday morning, then changed into the blue dress with sword for Saturday afternoon, which I was able to photograph. She said she was doing Xena Sunday and Quincy and I asked her to please come back to the table and show us that, which she obligingly did.



All that was left of my books Sunday morning.



My present to myself: old-school Cage! It now sits proudly on my desk next to my Sif vinyl bobblehead.



The Tick with Little Wooden Boy!!!!!!



And, finally, two women dressed as Mara Jade Skywalker from the Legendary Star Wars novels. Mara Jade in stereo!


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