Tuesday’s dead


What I Have Already Accomplished Today: With Wrenn, I did a bunch of necessary food shopping, and made a payment on her credit card. In addition, I have touched base with my editor on The Tie-In Project That Cannot Yet Be Named and also signed the contract for same and am waiting for instructions on how to send it back (hard copy in the mail or scanned PDF; the latter is far more common in this day and age, but some publishers prefer the paper version). It’ll probably be a couple months before I can say what this project is, but it’s going to be SO INCREDIBLY COOL…..

What I Still Need To Accomplish Today And Tomorrow): Go through more stuff in Dale’s room, write an essay for a Doctor Who charity essay anthology, revise a proposal, finish revisions on the collaborative thriller, write a piece for Tor.com on Discovery‘s tie-in fiction, revise a short nonfiction project, and write three things for Patreon: my review of Black Panther, my review of the first season of Mindhunter (so I need to finish watching that season), and this month’s vignette.



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