my Farpoint schedule

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As I have been every year this millennium, I shall be an author guest at Farpoint 2018, which will be my first convention of the year (sort of — LitCon wasn’t really a traditional convention….). The con is back at the Hunt Valley Inn from 9-11 February.

Here’s my planned schedule:


5-6pm: autographing, w/Ben Anderson (Hunt Valley hallway)

10pm-midnight: Farpoint Book Fair (Hunt Valley hallway)



11am-noon: Boogie Knights concert (Valley)

1-2pm: “Defense Against the Dark Arts: Fandom Trolls and How to Vanquish Them,” w/Jessica Moran, Jennifer R. Povey, and Don Sakers (Salon F)

3-4pm: self-defense workshop (Hunt)

4-5pm: reading, w/Phil Margolies and Jennifer R. Povey (Salon E)



10-11am: reading, w/Les Johnson and Heather Hutsell (Salon E)

11am-noon: autographing, w/J.L. Gribble and Alan Smale (Hunt Valley hallway)

2-3pm: “Marvel on Netflix,” w/Arnold T. Blumberg, Colin Caccamise, Peter David, and Glenn Greenberg (Salon A)


Not sure why I have two readings, but I’ll take it. I’m also listed as participating in the book launch party Saturday from 5-6.30pm, but I don’t have anything launching at the convention. Having said that, I’ll be there anyhow to support David Mack, who’ll be launching The Midnight Front. Cha cha cha.

See folks there!

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