the Doctor will be in once a month on Patreon


One of the things Wrenn and I inherited from Dale was his complete DVD collection of everything Doctor Who. In Dale’s honor, I’ve decided that, for a while at least, one of the four or five TV reviews I’ll be doing per month on Patreon will be of a Doctor Who storyline. It will be chosen randomly, from any era of the show, any of the dozen-plus Doctors. It might be a six-part William Hartnell storyline from 1965, a four-part Tom Baker storyline from 1975, a three-part Colin Baker storyline from 1985, a one-hour Christopher Eccleston episode from 2005, or a two-part Peter Capaldi storyline from 2015.

So for those of you supporting at $5/month and up, you’re guaranteed that one of the TV reviews will be of the funny-looking person travelling around time and space in a blue police box that’s bigger on the inside. Those of you who aren’t supporting at that level or at all, now might be the time to start………….

1 thought on “the Doctor will be in once a month on Patreon

  1. Keith,

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