down and safe


Wrenn and I are back from a fine HELIOsphere. This was an excellent sophomore outing for this convention, which was started up by two dear friends of ours, Catelynn Cunningham and Mark Richards, aided and abetted by lots of other amazing folks (Liz, Gabi, Tara, Monet, Kat, Dennis, and tons of others I’m forgetting). Last year’s inaugural outing was a good start, and they improved on their numbers this year, which is what you’re going for.

This year, they held a 1632 mini-con to go with the regular convention, as Eric Flint was one of the Guests of Honor, alongside Mark Oshiro, Cecilia Tan, Tom Kidd, and Charles E. Gannon. The 1632 folks all seemed to be having a grand old time, and so did everyone else.

Speaking for myself, my program items were all very well attended, from the reading I did with three other authors Friday to the panels on rejection, Deep Space Nine (pictured above), and writing fight scenes I did Saturday. (My Books and Brews was less well attended, but I blame being opposite the noble Mr. Gannon for that.)

We also previewed Baker Street Irregulars: The Game is Afoot with ARCs at the Fantastic Books table. Looking forward to people’s reactions to “Six Red Dragons,” my second Shirley Holmes-and-Jack Watson story.

Sold some books, sold some of Wrenn’s stuffies, saw people, met new people, and generally had a great time.

Next year, two of the GoHs will be Charlie Jane Anders and Laura Antoniou, with more to be announced. The con is held in Tarrytown, just a bit north of New York City, and is slowly growing into a most nifty convention. Y’all should consider coming next year.


1 thought on “down and safe

  1. Thank you, Keith. We were reasonably pleased with how things went. I dealt with the hotel on site for the con, and they were good to deal with. Kat ran the combined Green Room/Staff Den, and got to feed people. That’s her favorite thing to do, so she’s quite pleased.

    Those I interacted with seemed to be having a good time and planned to return next year, We already have an internal list of “things that can be done better/new things we ought to do next time” we’ll be talking about going forward.

    The committee enjoyed doing it. Attendees and program participants enjoying being there is *why* we do it.


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