4-Color to 35-Millimeter: Superman Returns


Bryan Singer directs a Superman movie instead of the third X-Men movie, thus damaging two superhero film franchises in one shot. The great superhero movie rewatch laments that we got Richard Donner fanfic instead of an actual Singer Superman movie with Superman Returns.

An excerpt:

Just in general, Superman spends way too much time moping over how his life has changed—which might have some resonance if it wasn’t entirely his own stupid fault for going off-planet for five years on a fruitless quest. It’s hard to feel sorry for Superman when he made this bed himself, and then goes and spies on Lane and her family in as creepy a manner as possible thanks to X-ray vision and super-hearing. There’s something wrong with your Superman movie when the most heroic character in it isn’t Superman (it’s Richard White, who is magnificently selfless and dives right into danger more than once to save people, despite having no super-powers).

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