a very nice review of Q & A


Last August, a Canadian blogger who goes by “Infinite Batmans” started the Boldly Go blog, which reviews Star Trek stuff both on screen and in print. Last month, they reviewed my 2004 novel A Time for War, a Time for Peace, and now they’ve reviewed my 2007 post-Nemesis novel Q & A.

And they liked it! It gets an 8/10, particularly for fans of Q.

Money quote:

Keith R.A. DeCandido, retcons the entire history of Q to make his story much more tightly woven than it ever was intended to be. Q&A serves as a sort of explanation for all of Q’s seemingly unrelated action throughout TNG and Voyager, even ascribing to him some events that were never written that way, most specifically TNG‘s Parallels. This level of retconning is pretty dangerous, as you could alienate a lot of ‘fans’ who don’t appreciate your take on things and feel that the simple act of reading a story they disagree with has sullied their enjoyment of the episodes you’re retconning.

Let me be clear, those ‘fans’ are foolish.

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