my martial arts journey on “And Related Subjects”

23116662_1607992425931302_2662108800937610880_o has a regular feature called “And Related Subjects” where authors talk about things in their lives other than writing. My contribution to the series went up today, talking about my martial arts journey.

An excerpt:

That first class was, to say the least, horrible. In the thirteen-and-a-half years since then, I have been through three black-belt promotions (a brutal four-day process that includes thirty two-minute rounds of sparring with other black belts), numerous fighting classes, tons of heavy workout classes, and more—and none of it was as back-breakingly awful as that first class.

It was bad enough that my overweight, out-of-shape self was standing there sweating and grunting and making a pig’s ear out of everything I was being told to do, but three other people had their first class that same night. They were all younger, more athletic, and had previous martial arts experience. They were already in good shape, of course; me, I managed to successfully do maybe three of the thirty push-ups that we did in sets of ten over the course of the hour-long class.

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