4-Color to 35-Millimeter: Hulk


Please, Ang Lee, don’t make the Hulk boring. We don’t like him when he’s boring. The great superhero movie rewatch slogs through the 2003 Hulk, which has a good movie buried between an endless opening and a pointless extra climax.

An excerpt:

One of the reasons why the reveal about Brian Banner being abusive in the comics worked so well is because it was strong backstory for Bruce. It explained his personality, and set the stage for providing a psychological basis for his transformations into the Hulk.

But it also really works better as backstory, not frontstory. David Banner has far too intrusive a presence in this movie, and none of it actually makes the movie any better. In addition to the incredibly uninteresting scenes of him doing research in the 1960s that grinds through the early minutes of the movie to a halt, he also dominates the wholly unnecessary second climax.

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