get the Star Trek: Mirror Universe books for a buck!


Simon & Schuster’s latest eBook sale involves the Mirror Universe! The five recent Mirror Universe books — the novel anthologies Glass Empires and Obsidian Alliances, the short-story anthology Shards and Shadows, and the David Mack novels The Sorrows of Empire and Rise Like Lionswill be available in eBook form for only $.99!

These MU books all tie into the novel continuity that has been established over the past two decades, including a New Frontier-related story, and tie-ins to the post-finale DS9 fiction and the Section 31 novels. They’re also consistent with the MU as we knew it at the time — which means Discovery‘s recent foray to the MU isn’t accounted for, since we’re not seers. *wry grin*

Included in this are my short novel The Mirror-Scaled Serpent, which is a Voyager MU story, in Obsidian Alliances and my Klingons-and-Cardassians short story “Family Matters” in Shards and Shadows.

So check them out!

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