4-Color to 35-Millimeter: Spider-Man 2


The Spider-Man sequel is disappointing, an incomplete rendition of a great hero and a badly reinterpreted version of a great villain. The great superhero movie rewatch is supremely disappointed with Spider-Man 2.

An excerpt:

Okay, first of all, they completely botch the notion that Octavius was a nice, compassionate guy until the accident that killed his wife. It could have worked, but as actually shown, it’s ridiculous, as they play it as if the arms themselves are somehow controlling him, or at least influencing him. On top of that, at no point do we see Octavius actually mourning his wife, or responding to the fact that he’s killed tons of people—like, say, when Peter brings him back to himself at the very end. One utterance of “I will not die a monster” isn’t enough. Bad enough that they fridged Rosalie, but they don’t even really do anything with it.

Ultimately, the psychotic break seems to be happening because of the arms, a notion that doesn’t really make any sense, and both gets Octavius off the hook and makes Dr. Octopus completely uninteresting as a villain.

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