irons in the fire update


Precinct books. Dragon Precinct has been rereleased by eSpec Books, with a bonus short story in the back (“Gan Brightblade vs. Mitos the Mighty”). Unicorn Precinct will follow soon (with the bonus story “When the Magick Goes Away”), as well as Goblin Precinct (with “Baker’s Dozen”), Gryphon Precinct (with a new story that I will write for the reissue), and Tales from Dragon Precinct. That will be followed by the long-awaited release of Mermaid Precinct, which will in turn be followed by Phoenix Precinct, Manticore Precinct, and More Tales from Dragon Precinct. I’ve also written a story for Jonathan Maberry’s Kingdoms Fall anthology that takes place in the world of Flingaria, where the Precinct books take place, but is not a story of the Cliff’s End Castle Guard. That anthology is currently in search of a new publisher.

Tie-in novel. I’m plugging away at this, which is due 15 May. I believe the specifics of what this will be will also be announced in May.

Super City Cops. A publisher has made an offer to publish four new novellas in this police procedural set in a city filled with costumed heroes and villains (I’ll say which publisher after the contracts are signed, but sufficie it to say it is not Bastei eBooks, who declined the offer to publish more). These novellas will be linked but standalone, much like Avenging Amethyst, Undercover Blues, and Secret Identities.

Bram Gold. A Furnace Sealed‘s first draft is done. It needs another draft, which I will do, er, at some point soon. No, really! And then I need to actually plot out Book 2……..

Original mystery, original urban fantasy. I was approached by a publisher to pitch things to them, and I pitched both of these. Awaiting word now.

Cassie Zukav. Nothing currently in the works for Cassie, though I have more stories to tell, and once I have enough of them, there will be a second collection, which will be titled Ragnarok and a Hard Place.

Tie-in project. This was a vague possibility of something up until last week when it suddenly became real. Can’t talk any specifics about this at all yet, but it will be nifty.

Collaborative thrillers. My agent has the final manuscript for the first collaboration, and is shopping it around, and my collaborator and I have notions for sequels. Meantime, he and I are doing another book, which I will write off his detailed outline later this year, and there’s another project we’re talking about, too.

18th Race. I’m collaborating with David Sherman to write the third and final book in his “18th Race” trilogy of military SF novels, To Hell and Regroup. I edited the first two books, Issue in Doubt and In All Directions, and David asked me to work with him on finishing the trilogy. We’re shooting to have it out in the fall in time for Philcon; look for the Kickstarter for the book from eSpec Books.

Comic book. I pitched a comic book to a publisher. They sent notes back right around the time that Dale died. I’ve been in catch-up mode, so haven’t actually gotten around to revising it, and God knows when I will. Sigh.

I think that’s everything……………..


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