my Sunday feeling


Was hoping to spend all day working on the tie-in book, and I have spent time on it, but not as much as I’d hoped. But that’s okay, because I did get other things done, including some shopping and some laundry, and I’m also making a new batch of tomato sauce, as we finished the old batch this past week.

As a result, the house smells yummy. And I’m pleased with how the novel’s going, even if I didn’t write as much today as I wanted to. (There’s still more tonight to write, too.)

Had a weird experience with reviews, as Michael Ventrella posted an online review of Baker Street Irregulars: The Game is Afoot, which ranked the stories in order of quality. Of the 14 things ranked (13 stories, plus the introduction), “Six Red Dragons” was ranked eighth. It could’ve been worse, of course, but still, that was a little disappointing. And also confusing, particularly the closing line of the review of my story: “‘Six Red Dragons’ suffers for its lacklustre writing and colloquialisms, which ruins the flavour of the story.” Lacklustre writing, fine, not everyone’s going to like my style, but what’s the issue with colloquialisms? Shouldn’t characters in modern New York sound like characters in modern New York? Just a weird criticism….

Reviews giveth and reviews taketh away: someone on GoodReads reviewed last year’s Nights of the Living Dead anthology and listed her five favorite stories — mine was one of them! (Alongside the stories by Craig Engler, Brian Keene, David Wellington, and Chuck Wendig, so I’m in good company.)

Anyhow, life is life, he says philosophically. I end with this deep thought that I posted on both Facebook and Twitter:

When A Game of Thrones was first published, George R.R. Martin was two-and-a-half decades into his career. And it was fifteen years after that that the HBO series debuted.

Just a reminder to myself and other writers that sometimes it takes a while for the brass ring to come in reach…….


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