now available once again: Unicorn Precinct and Goblin Precinct

The reissue of my “Precinct” series of high fantasy police procedurals is continuing from the fine folks at eSpec Books. They reissued Dragon Precinct last month, and they also reissued Unicorn Precinct not long after, with Goblin Precinct available today!

Just as the eSpec edition of Dragon has a bonus short story in the back, so too do Unicorn and Goblin — those two novels include the Kickstarter stories “When the Magick Goes Away” and “Baker’s Dozen,” the first and second cases of Torin ban Wyvald and Danthres Tresyllione as partners, ten years prior to the novel series.

You can order the books from all the usual online dealers:

Look for the re-release of Tales from Dragon Precinct this month, and either this or next month, Gryphon Precinct will be re-released, with a new story I’m writing especially for it.

This fall, we’ll finally get Mermaid Precinct out, and that will be followed by Phoenix Precinct, Manticore Precinct, and More Tales from Dragon Precinct. (Don’t worry, the existence of two new precincts will be explained in Mermaid…….)

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