now available once again: Tales from Dragon Precinct


Having already re-released Dragon Precinct, Unicorn Precinct, and Goblin Precinct, the fine folks at eSpec Books have now put out a new edition (which a much better cover) of 2013’s Tales from Dragon Precinct, which collects the first ten short stories I wrote about the Cliff’s End Castle Guard, including six stories previously published and four ones written new for the collection.

  • “Getting the Chair,” first published in Murder by Magic in 2004
  • “Crime of Passion,” first published in Hear Them Roar in 2006
  • “Catch and Release,” an Iaian-focused story written for this collection
  • “Fire in the Hole,” first published in Dragon’s Lure in 2010
  • “House Arrest,” a Torin solo story first published in Bad-Ass Faeries in 2007
  • “Brotherly Love,” a Danthres solo story written for this collection
  • “Blood on the Water,” a Dru and Hawk story written for this collection
  • “A Clean Getaway,” first published in Pandora’s Closet in 2007
  • “Heroes Welcome,” a story about the heroic quest from Dragon Precinct written for this collection
  • “When the Magick Goes Away,” Danthres and Torin’s first case together, first published to Kickstarter supporters in 2012

You can get the book from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Kobo.

Coming soon: Gryphon Precinct, which will include an all-new original bonus story!


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