my Sunday feeling


Crazy busy. Writing stuff. Karate stuff. More writing stuff. Plus a birthday present from a friend yesterday that was a much needed oasis of silliness to preserve my sanity. Now back to more writing stuff.

I will say this, in response to the shootings in Santa Fe: anybody whose response to this rash of school shootings is anything other than much more fucking gun control, you can go fuck yourself in the face. One person put explosives in his shoe, and suddenly everyone has to take off their shoes off at airports. Second-hand smoke is proven to be as dangerous as first-hand smoke and suddenly nobody can smoke indoors. More people die when they don’t fasten their seat belts, and now everyone fastens their seat belts when they get in cars, which was not always the case.

Yet more and more mass shootings committed by people who have easy access to guns because apparently we fetishize guns in this country more than I realized — I honestly thought we fetishized our children more, but apparently not, because people’s desire to own a weapon of destruction is apparently more important than dead children.

One of the arguments, of course, is that you can’t legislate behavior. I just gave three examples that disprove that very handily, and all four notions — taking off shoes, fastening seat belts, smoking out of doors, and gun control — are all designed to save people’s lives.

Anyhow, back to writing…………..


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