Release the Virgins! Kickstarter

There’s a delightful new anthology from the fine folks at Fantastic Books: Release the Virgins! The stories will cross genres, and the only thing they’ll have in common is the titular phrase. If you want the virgins released, you should totally back this Kickstarter.

Here’s the KS video:

The lineup includes:

  • David Gerrold
  • Lawrence Watt-Evans
  • Allen Steele
  • Jody Lynn Nye
  • Keith R.A. DeCandido
  • Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
  • Gail Z. Martin
  • Shariann N. Lewitt
  • Alex Shvartsman
  • Cecilia Tan
  • Daniel M. Kimmel
  • Patrick Thomas
  • Hildy Silverman

There may be more contributors, depending on how much support the Kickstarter gets. So go! Support it!



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