me on two podcasts: Warp Five and Pint O’ Comics


On the Warp Five podcast, they devoted their 148th episode to discussing zombies, fittingly entitled, “Why Are We Talking About Zombies on a Star Trek Podcast?” Inspired primarily by Trek‘s only real zombie episode, Enterprise‘s “Impulse,” this is a freewheeling discussion about all things zombie, from White Zombie starring Bela Lugosi to Night of the Living Dead to iZombie to Resident Evil to The Walking Dead to the recent Nights of the Living Dead anthology.

I mention all this because I’m the guest on the podcast, alongside hosts Brandon-Shea Mutala, Brandi Jackola, and Patrick Devlin. So check it out!


In addition, I was on the WESU radio show Pint O’ Comics last year. Hosted by Sir Jon Johnson and John Ganache, and that hour-long interview, in which I talk about all kinds of stuff ranging from how I broke into the business to my Orphan Black and CSI: NY books to my original fiction to my pop-culture stuff for to Star Trek to why I didn’t like Iron Fist to Star Wars tie-ins to gaming fiction to Nights of the Living Dead (again!) to Farscape, is now available as a podcast. Check it out!


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