my review of Mary Shelley


As a huge fan of Romantic Literature in general and Mary Shelley and her novel Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus in particular, I was eager to see the new movie Mary Shelley, and I’ve put my thoughts about the movie together for the fine folks over at

An excerpt:

The movie does play fast and loose with reality, and while many of those changes make the story flow better, they’re not all for the best. The biggest issue is that, according to Mary Shelley, the Shelleys spent most of their time in England, with the trip to Geneva where they hung out with Byron being only a few months. In fact, Mary and Percy spent most of their time on the continent after Godwin kicked them out. Frankenstein was written in Switzerland, not England, and the pair of them travelled all over Europe, not just to Geneva. (Mary’s first publication wasn’t Frankenstein, it was History of a Six Weeks’ Tour, a chronicle she wrote with Percy about their travels through Europe in 1814.) Also, Byron and Percy had a deep abiding friendship—they had nicknames for each other, Byron calling Percy “Shiloh” and Percy calling Byron “Albé”—which there’s almost no evidence of here.

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