irons in the fire update


Tie-in project #1: Finished the manuscript a week late. (Sigh.) Turned it in to editor. Waiting for editor/licensor feedback. The book is currently scheduled to be published in January.

Tie-in project #2: Signed the contracts for this, and also spent a week in L.A. in story meetings for this. Next step is to write a few outlines. This is a tie-in for which I’ll be doing serialized novelettes of about 15,000 words each, which will be released in (roughly) 1000-word installments.

The Precinct storiesThe next piece of fiction on my plate to write is the bonus story that will go in the back of the reissue of Gryphon Precinct. Then I dive into Mermaid Precinct, finally. Somewhere in there, I also have to write “‘A Discontented Midwinter,” the story that will go in the Fantastic Books anthology Release the Virgins! (Assuming, that the Kickstarter funds — have you supported yet?) Also “The Fall of Iaron” for Jonathan Maberry’s Kingdoms Fall is still out there — the anthology is currently searching for a new publisher after the last one went under. And I’ve got a deal to do Phoenix Precinct, Manticore Precinct, and More Tales from Dragon Precinct with eSpec going forward. (Look for an explanation of where Phoenix Precinct and Manticore Precinct came from in Mermaid Precinct.)

Bram Gold. This week I plan to read over the first draft of A Furnace Sealed, finally, and give it a desperately needed polish before I turn it in to WordFire Press. With luck, it’ll be out this fall. (I’m hoping to debut both this and Mermaid Precinct at Dragon Con.) Then I have to write the next two…….

Collaborative thrillers. I currently have an agreement to collaborate on five thrillers with Munish K. Batra, MD. I’ve written the first one, a serial-killer story, which my agent is currently shopping around to publishers. I’ll be working on the other four over the course of the next couple of years.

Super City Cops. I’ve signed a contract to write four new novellas in this universe for Falstaff Books. These will pick up after the three novellas I did for Bastei eBooks last year.

The 18th Race. After Mermaid is done, I need to collaborate with David Sherman on the third and final book in his “18th Race” trilogy, To Hell and Regroup. I edited the first two books, Issue in Doubt and In All Directions, and David asked me to work with him on finishing the trilogy. We’re shooting to have it out in the fall in time for Philcon; look for the Kickstarter for the book from eSpec Books.

Original mystery, original urban fantasy. I sent two proposals to a publisher. Still waiting to hear back.

Cassie Zukav. Nothing currently planned for Cassie, but I have stories I want to tell, if the right venue presents itself.

Original mystery. Still need time to write this. The above makes it clear that time for such will be in short supply. The weekly “4-Color to 35-Millimeter: The Great Superhero Movie Rewatch” continues apace. I’m going in a vaguely chronological order, but grouping things that are appropriate, also. Right now, I’ve got enough movies to take me to June 2019, so it’s another year before I have to figure out what to do next. Meantime, I’m writing other things for the site including a review of Mary Shelley this past week, with more stuff likely to happen.

Patreon. Thanks to the two tie-in projects at the top of this blog post, I fell horribly behind on my Patreon obligations. This means that anyone who signs up now is gonna get lots of stuff. Over the next week, I’ll be putting up seven new TV reviews (M*A*S*H season 6, New Tricks seasons 7-10, Doctor Who’s “City of  Death,” Doctor Who’s “The Zygon Invasion”/”The Zygon Inversion,” an overview of Black Lightning‘s first season, the end of this season of NCIS: New Orleans, and the departures of Abby Sciuto and Clayton Reeves from NCIS), two new movie reviews (Deadpool 2 and Solo), and two vignettes featuring my original characters. In June there will be three more TV reviews (one of which will be a Doctor Who story), at least one movie review (The Incredibles 2, Ocean’s 8, and Superfly are all out this month), another vignette, plus the usual assortment of bits from works in progress (mostly Mermaid Precinct) and cat pictures.

There’s other stuff too, possibly…….


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