new on Patreon: Deadpool 2 review and more!


I’m finally starting to catch up on the Patreon obligations that fell by the wayside after being buried in two projects for much of April and all of May. Here’s what I’ve put up on Patreon since my Avengers Infinity War review a month ago:

For $1/month and up: a review of Deadpool 2. An excerpt:

Watching Colossus try and fail to make Deadpool into an X-Man is almost as much as watching Deadpool fail to be an X-Man. The cameos by Terry Crews and Brad Pitt are hilarious. I love the fact that Deadpool accepts a normal guy named Peter into X-Force just ’cause he answered the ad. (And Peter’s is the only X-Force death that Deadpool reverses when he gets his hand on Cable’s repaired timeslide thingie.) I love the fact that one of the items Deadpool hides under the flooboards of his and Blind Al’s place is a cure for blindness. I love that Deadpool’s healing factor allows him to recover from being cut in half, but it takes a while for the new legs to grow. (Somehow I can’t see them ever doing something similar with Wolverine…) I love that Firefist is a plus-size person of color from New Zealand, and that’s part of why he’s bitter, because he doesn’t fit the stereotype of a hero (Julian Dennison absolutely kills it here).

And Josh Brolin for the second time this year makes a character from the comics far more interesting in live-action than he ever was in four-color form, as I’m way more interested in his Cable than any version we’ve seen in the comics.

There will be a review of Solo in the next few days (we’re seeing it tonight), and I plan to review at least one, and possibly all three, of The Incredibles 2, Superfly, and/or Ocean’s 8.


For $2/month and up: The cat pictures, at least, are still coming fast and furious, with eleven of them posted since the month of May began. So at least I’ve been doing that right…….


For $5/month and up: I’m finally starting to catch up on my TV reviews. In the last couple of days, I put up my looks back at the fourth through sixth seasons of the British procedural New Tricks, and my latest look at a season of M*A*S*H, in this case the sixth season, which introduced David Ogden Stiers’s Major Charles Emerson Winchester to the ensemble.

An excerpt from the M*A*S*H review:

“The Grim Reaper.” One of the best episodes. Charles Aidman starts out playing Colonel Bloodworth as a typical asshole colonel who predicts casualty figures, to Hawkeye’s disgust, but after Bloodworth is wounded, he shows the character’s depth. His conversation with Hawkeye in post-op is genius. Lots of fun subplots, too, from Klinger’s fellow Toledo native to Winchester and Margaret eating bad food to the argument over who gets the pilot’s gift of a jacket.


For $7/month and up: In April and May, I did excerpts from my story for the upcoming Crazy 8 Press anthology They Keep Killing Glenn, in which all the contributors kill off C8’s web and production guru Glenn Hauman. I posted five excerpts from my story, which is called “House Hunting.” After that, I posted three excerpts from the tie-in novel I just finished, which I can’t say what it is. I managed to find bits that sufficiently hid what the book’s actually about.


For $10/month and up: I’ve finally put up the April vignette, which is called “Papa’s Pool,” a story involving Larry, the immortal barfly from the Cassie Zukav stories, and Ernest Hemingway. The May vignette will be a Bram Gold bit (featuring the star of my upcoming urban fantasy novel A Furnace Sealed). Not sure what June will be yet….


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