on sale now in English: Star Trek: Prometheus Book 2!


In 2016, as part of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, German publisher Cross Cult (who publishes German editions of the Trek novels published by Simon & Schuster) got permission to do a single German-language trilogy. And so in the summer of that historic year, Cross Cult released three books by Bernd Perplies & Christian Humberg under the Star Trek: Prometheus banner, featuring the spiffy-keeno warship that debuted in the Voyager episode “Message in a Bottle.”

They also controlled foreign rights to the story, and Titan Books picked it up for English-language territories. Cross Cult hired me to edit the English edition, taking the raw translation turning it into something smoother and making sure the dialogue sounded cleaner (and in the case of existing characters like Spock, matched the established voices).

Titan put out Book 1: Fire with Fire last fall, and now Book 2: The Root of All Rage is on sale. You can get it from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, or Indie Bound.

(Book 3: In the Heart of Chaos is also available for preorder — it’ll be out in November of this year.)

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