Authors Day at the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour


Pictured above: authors in the transporter! L-r: Peter David, me, Scott Pearson, Robert Greenberger. (Dave Galanter was elsewhere.)


We had an absolutely wonderful time at the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour in Ticonderoga, New York. Hosted by James Cawley and his amazing staff, folks who bought the tour of the painstakingly re-created set also got to meet five authors: me, Peter David, Robert Greenberger, Dave Galanter, and Scott Pearson. All of us had books and things to sell, and we each gave a talk as well.


Pictured above: the facade of the set tour and the city hall where the individual author talks took place.


Just as when a bunch of us went last year, we all nerded out so much when touring the sets, which had more stuff than last year — sickbay now has the decompression chamber from “Space Seed,” and engineering has the big piece of machinery on the side where Kirk and Finney fought in “Court Martial.” The bridge is now a full circle, and they have some more props and things.


Pictured above: me in the captain’s chair looking solemn and serious, like I’d be for the first 55 minutes or so of the episode, then laughing as I would in the last five minutes as someone makes a stupid joke and we all have a good laugh over the executive producer credit.


It was especially fun to see Peter, his wife Kathleen, his daughter Caroline, and Scott’s daughter Ella — who, unlike the rest of us, had never been to the set tour before — completely nerd the fuck out over the set.


Pictured above: Peter David in the captain’s chair, his wife Kathleen O. David standing behind him.


There were a steady stream of people throughout the day. Some were there to see us, some were just there to tour the set and got bonus authors. We each gave our talk at a nearby hall, and all of us had capacity seating. (Don’t be too impressed — there were only about a dozen seats. But they were filled, dammit!)

Pictured above: Robert Greenberger’s books, Dave Galanter with his wife Simantha Galanter and Dave’s books, me with my books, Peter David and Kathleen O. David with Peter’s books (they were looking down at their phones, and I said, “Look up!” and they took me literally), and Scott Pearson with his books.


As much fun as it was to be at the tour and to sell books and to meet fans and to do podcast interviews (I did two), the best thing about the weekend was getting to hang out with the other authors, who are all also dear friends. We got to have breakfast and dinner and dessert together, and just spend time chatting about life, the universe, and everything. Usually we only see each other at conventions, and such opportunities are few and far between. The lighter atmosphere of this event (only one day, not much programming) was much more conducive to socializing, and it was very welcome.



Pictured above: the gang at dinner. L-r: Robert Greenberger, Mike Rizzo (one of the staff at the set tour), me, Wrenn Simms, Simantha Galanter, Dave Galanter, Ella Pearson, Scott Pearson, Caroline David, Kathleen O. David, and Peter David. (Not pictured: Marybeth Ritkouski, another of the staff at the set tour, mostly because she was actually taking the picture.)


We also got to spend time with our dear friend Carol, who lives up there, and also eat yummy food and go to Wind Chill for ice cream (which we always make sure to do when we’re up there because they have really yummy ice cream) and go to the Burleigh Luncheonette because it’s a delightful 50s throwback. We did not get to the used bookstore, sadly.

It was tremendous fun, and while we won’t be able to get back up there for Trekconderoga in August (it’s too close to Dragon Con), we’re looking forward to going back some time soon.


Pictured above: Captain Bob!!!!!

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