my review of Marvel’s Luke Cage season 2 episodes 1-4


Themes of family and parenting and the past coming back to haunt you run through the first four episodes of the latest Netflix MCU season, with a big dollop of hubris to go with it. My take on the first third of Marvel’s Luke Cage season 2 over on!

An excerpt:

[Misty Knight] also does physical therapy work with [Claire] Temple and training with Colleen Wing. After the latter, they go out for drinks and get into a bar fight, which is the single greatest scene in the history of the universe. (They released it on YouTube as a teaser for this season ahead of time. “I don’t look down before I flush.” Beautiful.) Wing insists that she can still be a badass—right after tossing her to the mat—and when a guy in the bar recognizes her as the cop who put his brother away, she gets to prove it. The fight is glorious, and Wing doesn’t get involved until she has to, letting Knight prove herself first. (Later, Wing and Danny Rand—who is mentioned but not seen, which is the best way to feature the MCU’s Iron Fist—send her the schematics of a bionic arm as developed by Rand Enterprises. This will probably be important later.)

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