I never could get the hang of Thursdays


Freelance life remains insane, but we’re actually both doing well with it. Wrenn has several production/editorial clients right now and — after a slow first half of the year, at least in part grief-induced after Dale’s death in January — she’s finally getting into the swing of things, between editing, production, occasional bits of bookkeeping/office managing-type stuff, and stuffie-sewing. Let’s hope it keeps up.

For my part, I just finished revising the tie-in project based on information the licensor got to me that I needed to incorporate. Today is the great superhero movie rewatch, which for the next three weeks will be Christopher Nolan’s Bat-films, so today I do Batman Begins (or as I like to call it, the inferior live-action remake of Mask of the Phantasm). Next is to revise A Furnace Sealed to make it better, faster, stronger, and get it off to WordFire Press, and then I finally dive into Mermaid Precinct.

The school year is finished, which means my Mondays and Thursdays aren’t taken up with teaching the afterschool classes (I still am teaching my Friday kids fighting class at our dojo). While I will miss the income, getting the two-month break is a relief. Mind you, I love teaching, and I know I’ll be rip-roaring and ready to go in September. And I’ve got lots to keep me busy over the summer.

Wrenn and I also are making sure we still do fun things and aren’t about work all the time. That’s why we went to see Othello and have been going to see movies and stuff a lot more. We’re off to a party at a friend’s house on Saturday, and there will be conventions and things in July.

We’ve also been adjusting to life without Dale, which still, six months later, hits us at odd times. Wrenn’s cousin Matt has been living with us, and he took over Dale’s old room, but he’s away for the summer (he’ll be back at the end of July), so it’s just been the two of us. We thought of our household as three people for so long that it’s been weird to be only two. But we’re getting there.

One nice thing about our current situation is that there’s money! And more coming! It’s a miracle! Which means that, among other things, we were able to get both cats into the vet yesterday for way-overdue checkups and shots. They’re all happy and healthy and now up-to-date, which is a good thing. Kaylee peed and pooped in her cat carrier on the way to the vet, which was a bad thing, but we cleaned her and the carrier up. (She does not like to travel. In fact, half the reason we got her is because the place we adopted her from had taken her to adoption events and couldn’t show her because she messed her carrier on the way over.)

So overall, things be good. I am well pleased.

How are y’all?


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