4-Color to 35-Millimeter: Batman Begins


In 2005, Christopher Nolan rebooted the bat with a movie that lots of people thought was the best Batman movie made to that point, but which I saw as an inferior remake of an animated film from a dozen years earlier. The great superhero movie rewatch looks at the live-action version of Mask of the Phantasm or, as it was more popularly known, Batman Begins.

An excerpt:

Also, you’ll notice that I’ve been saying “parents” a lot, though you’d be forgiven if, after watching this movie, you’d be surprised to learn that Bruce Wayne had a mother. Played by Sara Stewart, they may as well have just hired a blonde extra, because she has no dialogue, no character, no personality, no relevance to the storyline. None of Bruce’s memories are of her, and nobody ever even mentions her, it’s always “your father” this and “your father” that. Zack Snyder has come in for lots of flack for trying to make Golden Age writers’ inability to come up with more than one name for their flagship heroes’ Moms into a plot point, but at least Batman v. Supermanacknowledged Martha Wayne’s existence.

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