irons in the fire update


Jesus, how the fuck is it July already?

*looks at weather app and sees the temperature approaching three figures*


Anyhow, here’s what’s on the writing docket…………….

Precinct books. All five extant books have been reissued by eSpec Books, with bonus stories in the back of each of the four novels — the three previous Kickstarter stories and also a new one I wrote for Gryphon Precinct entitled “Chaos Theory.” This is the week I hope to finally dive into Mermaid Precinct. In addition, there is another Flingaria story, albeit not featuring the Cliff’s End Castle Guard, called “The Fall of Iaron,” which has been accepted to Jonathan Maberry’s Kingdoms Fall anthology. That anthology, sadly, is in limbo right now, as the publisher folded, but Jonathan’s trying to find another home for it. In addition, my story for the upcoming Release the Virgins! anthology from Fantastic Books will be a Castle Guard tale entitled “A Discontented Midwinter.”

Super City Cops. I’m under contract to write four new novellas in this world for Falstaff Books.

Cassie Zukav. No current Cassie stories in the hopper, though I have ones in mind awaiting time and/or opportunity.

Tie-in project #1. I have one last revision to do on this that came from the licensor. Then, with luck, the editing and approving process will go quickly (since I believe the book is supposed to be out early next year).

Tie-in project #2. This is the one that had me spend a week in Los Angeles in May. These will be serialized stories, and I’ve written pitches for the first five stories. Waiting to hear back from the licensor.

18th Race. When Mermaid Precinct is done, I’ll be working on To Hell and Regroup, the third book in David Sherman’s 18th Race trilogy. I edited David’s first two books, and will be writing Book 3 off his very detailed notes.

Collaborative thrillers. After To Hell and Regroup, I have to write another collaborative thriller, following the one that my agent is currently shopping around to publishers. I also have an agreement with my collaborator to write three more books with him.

Bram Gold. Have to do another pass on the manuscript of A Furnace Sealed so it can go off to WordFire Press. Hoping to have this (and Mermaid Precinct) out by Dragon Con. In addition to the great superhero movie rewatch every Friday, I’m currently reviewing season two of Marvel’s Luke Cage for the site. In fact, when I finish this blog post, I’m off to watch episodes 5-8 that I may write about them.

Mystery. Looking at the above, I have no idea when I’d have time to write this, but Wrenn has been getting steady freelance work, so the possibility of carving out time to work on this might present itself. I really really want to write this damn thing in 2019, but I do have to squeeze it in amongst the collaborative thrillers, the next Bram book, the next Precinct book, and the Super City Cops novellas, not to mention any potential tie-in work that may come my way. Cha cha cha.

Mystery, urban fantasy. Still waiting to hear back from the publishers who asked to see these two proposals.

Shared-world anthology. This is something Wrenn and I have been batting around for two years now, based on something Wrenn was going to write for the Altered States of the Union anthology but never finished. While driving to a 4th of July party yesterday we started thinking about it again, and we may try to make it happen.

Patreon. Still trying to catch up from being behind thanks to the two tie-in projects above. The plan for July is to write the following pieces of new content on my Patreon over the course of the month: three movie reviews (The Incredibles 2, Ocean’s Eight, Ant Man & The Wasp), ten TV reviews (which will finally catch me up to my ostensibly weekly schedule), and a vignette featuring one of my original characters.

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