my review of Marvel’s Luke Cage season 2 episodes 5-8


Family, history, a strong supporting cast, forward movement of character arcs, and waaaaaaaaaaay too many repeated conversations. My take on the middle third of Marvel’s Luke Cage season 2.

An excerpt:

Overall, this season has been very grounded in history characters have with each other, from little things like Cage calling upon Foggy Nelson to represent him in Cockroach’s lawsuit against him—that’s who served him papers at the end of episode 4—to Shades sharing childhood memories with Comanche’s mother to Mariah opening up to Tilda about why she was sent away. Having Foggy show up is a joy, the kind of nice touch that the Netflix series need to do more of, not less. That’s the whole point of a shared universe, after all. It doesn’t hurt that Elden Henson is one of those actors who automatically has chemistry with everyone he stands next to. Him and Cage negotiating with Ben Donovan and with Piranha is superb, as is their banter together, and it’s really too bad that Henson’s only in the one episode. (“Is that Ghostface Killah?” “Yeah. And Method Man wrote a song about me. We kick it from time to time.” “I gotta get super-powers.”)

(Here’s a link to my review of episodes 1-4.)

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