I’m interviewed on The Writer’s Pane


Anna Palij recently interviewed me for her author blog, The Writer’s Pane, and the result of that interview has now been exposed for the world to see. Check it out!

An excerpt:

Which piece of your writing was the most entertaining/enjoyable to write? Why?
That’s a tough one to narrow down, but I think I’m gonna go with Blackout, a Buffy the Vampire Slayer novel I wrote that came out in 2006. The novel focused on one of Buffy’s predecessors as Slayer, Nikki Wood, who was established as working in New York City in 1977 before she was killed on a subway train by Spike. Writing a Slayer working in the Big Apple of the turbulent late 70s was a joy and a pleasure, as I got to basically relive my childhood growing up in NYC then (I was eight years old in 1977). Nikki was created as an homage to Foxy Brown and Cleopatra Jones and other heroines of the era, and I went full-tilt blaxploitation withBlackout, pretty much writing the book as if Buffy was a TV show created by Gordon Parks in the 1970s instead of Joss Whedon in the 1990s. Just a blast to write, with scenes at CBGBs in its heyday, Times Square at its grungiest, and Central Park at its scariest.

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