see my NYRSF reading!

If you missed Angus Watson’s and my New York Review of Science Fiction Reading last night because you didn’t want to brave the awful heat (or because you’re not actually in New York City or its environs), you can now watch the reading in the privacy of your own (presumably air-conditioned) home!

My reading starts at 1.00.45, in which I read from A Furnace Sealed, my forthcoming urban fantasy novel, but I recommend watching the whole thing, as Angus Watson reads a truly delightful portion from his fantasy novel Age of Iron.

Vimeo no longer has the video, so here’s the audio for now:

3 thoughts on “see my NYRSF reading!

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  2. I’m afraid Angus beats you with his accent and cool pineapple shirt, but if it’s not too much trouble, could you come to my house and read aloud all the books I have by you?

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