back from Dragon Con, off to RocCon


We got back from Dragon Con Tuesday night, diverting to Brooklyn to do my NYRSF Reading with Angus Watson. Tonight, I start my afterschool karate classes again, tonight is’s tenth anniversary party, and tomorrow I hop on a train to RocCon in Rochester, New York, where I’ll have a table to sell and sign books.

Which is by way of saying, no official Dragon Con report, as there’s too much else to do (I also have to write up Kick-Ass for 4-Color to 35-Millimeter). Suffice it to say, IT WAS FANTASTIC! I love the energy at Dragon Con, the sense of fun that everyone’s having. Yes, it’s insanely crowded, but the crowds are at least well-managed, and generally orderly. And every one of the fifteen program items I did were well attended (well, okay, except for the one Saturday at 10am opposite the parade), and the audiences were all very much into it and asking good questions, and the panelists were intelligent and interesting, and it was overall a superb experience.

Best of all, I sold some books and signed some books and got to see folks I don’t see often enough. I also missed a lot of people, sadly, but that’s what happens when 80,000 people are spread over six locations……

RocCon should be quieter, but still awesome, as I’ll spend Saturday and Sunday selling books and things. I’ll have four of my Star Trek books for sale, all the reissues of the Precinct books and Without a LicenseOrphan Black: Classified Clone ReportRagnarok and Roll, SCPD: The Case of the Claw, They Keep Killing Glenn, two of my Supernatural novels, and more. Come on by and say hi!


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