my review of season 2 of Marvel’s Iron Fist



My review of Marvel’s Iron Fist season two pretty much boils down to the above paragraph. It’s better than season one, but that mostly means that Finn Jones is not too annoying, as opposed to being incredibly annoying. The gold here is Simone Missick and Jessica Henwick as Misty Knight and Colleen Wing, and the show itself leans into that, putting Danny Rand out of action for a significant portion, putting these two women in the spotlight. Click here for the whole review.

An excerpt:

The season’s main theme is recovery from trauma. Everyone is dealing with the aftermath of some kind of personal disaster, and how they deal with it shapes the entire season. Rand no longer has his home, as K’un L’un is gone, and the Iron Fist’s purpose—to fight the Hand—is also not a factor anymore, and he spends most of the season trying to figure out who and what he is. Wing has stopped teaching, as that’s a remnant of her life as a disciple of the Hand, and she needs to move past that—but she’s not sure how. She finds her work in the community center to be satisfying, but she also never has an answer to Knight’s question about where she sees herself in five years. It’s also telling that the only time Wing seems alive and happy is when she’s in a fight.

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