4-Color to 35-Millimeter: Thor


The Norse gods come to the MCU in a movie that not only brings in sword-and-sorcery stuff, but also the biggest showcase yet for S.H.I.E.L.D. The three male leads are amazing, the Destroyer is awesome, and we get a quickie intro to Hawkeye to boot! The great superhero movie rewatch looks at Thor.

An excerpt:

I truly regret that Jack Kirby didn’t live long enough to see this movie, because holy crap did Kenneth Branagh and his cinematographers and set designers do an amazing job of re-creating Kirby’s Asgard. I still remember sitting in the theatre in 2011 and gaping and bouncing in my seat and trying to not squee out loud, as the other theatre-goers would have frowned on that, when we got that opening shot of the realm eternal.

And then the Destroyer showed up and I wanted to squee again. The Destroyer first appeared in 1966 and it’s a classic Kirby creation, a huge metal machine crackling with energy. Few sites are as devastating as the Destroyer spitting fire from its faceplate, and Branagh stunningly re-creates that—with the added bonus of seeing the Destroyer flip itself around in order to repel Sif’s attack. Just brilliant.

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