crazy week ahead


I never did do an irons in the fire update post for October, and I’m not gonna do one now, either, because I’m too busy doing the things in it. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

By year’s end, I have to finish Mermaid Precinct, I have to work on a game tie-in novelette, I have to write another collaborative thriller, I have to write three short stories and an essay, plus my stuff: the weekly superhero movie rewatch, reviews of Short Treks, and stuff on the upcoming third season of Daredevil. Plus the usual stuff on Patreon, including finally catching up on my TV reviews.

This week, I also have two editorial tasks to tackle, I have to figure out which characters in “The Fall of Iaron” will be named after the supporters who paid for it and also give the story a final read-through, and I’ve got a shit-ton of karate stuff to do!

You see it’s time once again for the semi-annual black belt promotion, and this go-round we’ve got folks from both our Italian and Chilean branches coming in to be tested, as well as a mess of people from our own dojo. Tonight there’s a welcome dinner for the out-of-towners, tomorrow is the annual dojo picture (which will be a bit more crowded than usual), and then the promotion itself is Wednesday night, Friday night, and Sunday morning, with a celebration Monday evening.

On top of that, we’ve got a trip to plan. We received a very generous belated wedding gift of a honeymoon trip to Italy, and so Wrenn and I will be spending a lot of November in Rome, Firenze, Siena, and Milano. Wrenn has never been to Italy, and I haven’t been since the early 1990s, so this is gonna be fantastic.

So yeah……


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