what’s new on Patreon


Now is a great time to join my Patreon, because there is a shit-ton of stuff! Just since the last time I blogged a Patreon update, here’s what’s gone up:

  • for $1/month and up: a review of First Man
  • for $2/month and up: 18 new cat pictures
  • for $5/month and up: reviews of Magnum P.I., the ninth season of M*A*S*HClaws, Jodie Whittaker’s premiere episode of Doctor WhoBetter Call Saul, and The Good Place
  • for $7/month and up: weekly excerpts from Mermaid Precinct and “The Midwinter of Our Discontent”
  • for $10/month and up: a vignette featuring Bram Gold
  • for $20/month and up: first drafts of each chapter of Mermaid Precinct as they’ve been finished, as well as the first draft of “Midwinter”

Coming soon are more TV reviews — I want to review Animal Kingdom, seasons 10 and 11 of M*A*S*H, the final three seasons of New Tricks, a look back at The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., more retro Doctor Who reviews, Lodge 49, Preacher, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and more — a review of the movie Animal Kingdom (which the TV show is based on), as well as a look back at the Mission: Impossible movies starring Tom Cruise, and this month’s vignette, which I haven’t figured out what it is yet.

Seriously, now is a great time to get in on my Patreon. You won’t be sorry.


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