Tuesday’s dead


It’s been a crazy week-and-a-bit, as we just finished a huge black-belt promotion, which included five people from our Italian branch, the head of our Chilean branch, and seven people from our dojo, including a new fifth-degree and four new fourth-degrees, plus the Italians included a new sixth-degree and two new fourth-degrees.

On top of that, I’ve been working on Mermaid Precinct, doing my stuff for Tor.com, and proofreading a book of essays. But today, Wrenn and I are going to the New York Botanical Gardens for a date day of looking at flowers and plants and outdoor sculpture thingies and also their Georgia O’Keeffe exhibit.

We need this, partly because I’ve been away from home a lot on dojo business, partly because I’m exhausted from all the work I’ve been doing, partly because Wrenn is also brain fried from all the work she’s been doing, and we need a mental health day and to just spend time together. Hence, the Botanical Gardens!

There are likely to be pictures on Facebook and/or Twitter and/or Instagram later today. Or maybe not, who knows? We’re taking it easy today…………..


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