my Sunday feeling


In April 2017, Wrenn and I got married. In November 2018, we finally get to go on our honeymoon. Thanks to a gift, we’re able to spend eighteen days in Italy.

The first time I went to Italy was in 1981. I was twelve years old. My paternal grandfather was born in this country, but he retired to the family home in northern Italy (small town called Sequals about two hours north of Venezia in the region of Friuli). Twice, he paid our airfare for us to come visit him, and we built vacations around it. In August ’81, we spent a month in Italy, with one week in Sequals with Nonno, the other three in Roma, Firenze, Siena, Pisa, Bologna, Ravenna, Padua, Venezia, and Verona. The second trip was in April 1984, where we did a week in Sequals, a weekend in Venezia (which included my fifteenth birthday, which we had at Harry’s Bar, and which is one of my five or six best birthdays ever), and then four days in Paris.

Anyhow, my parents are librarians (well, were, they’re retired now), and even with airfare covered, we had to economize, so we stayed in a lot of cheap pensiones. One such was the Palazzo Ravizza. Back then, the rooms were small and we had to share a bathroom with the entire floor. But it had this amazing garden out back that was absolutely gorgeous, plus it had a stupendous view of the Tuscan hills. Twelve-year-old me decided then and there that when I got married, I would have my honeymoon at this place.

Fast forward thirty-seven years, and I finally get to fulfill that promise I made myself. Mind you, the Palazzo Ravizza is now a luxury resort, so we’re not spending all eighteen days there — only four. And we can only do that much because it’s the off-season. But we’re still getting to do it!

We’ll also be spending a lot of time in Roma, in Firenze, and also just outside Firenze in Sesto Fiorentino, the latter to spend time with the members of my karate dojo’s Italian branch, which is located there. Looking forward to hanging out with them and training with them. We’re also planning to day trip to Milano, and we intend to hit lots of museums and take lots of winery tours.

Meanwhile, stuff’s gotta get done. I’m one scene away from finishing the draft of Mermaid Precinct. I’m getting all the superhero movie rewatches done ahead of time. (I’ve already watched and written up The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which will go up on on Friday the 9th, and I’ve watched and written the intro for Jonah Hex; still have to write the plot summary and review for that, which will go up on the 16th). For Patreon, I want to put up the October vignette now that it’s November (oops), and also write my retro-review of M*A*S*H‘s tenth season, and also write my reviews of Snowfall, Hawaii Five-OhHalloween, and Animal Kingdom (both the original Australian movie and the TNT TV show). Some of that may happen on the plane ride Tuesday. I still have to catch up on a bunch of shows that I want to review: Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger, The Alienist, Lodge 49, Preacher, The Good Cop, and Murphy Brown. That probably won’t happen until after Italy at this rate, sadly. Oh, and I have some editorial work that’s behind, and I have to write a game tie-in novelette and start another novel. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Anyhow, keep an eye on my Facebook page (personal or fan page, either is fine, and both are public), my Twitter feed @KRADeC, and/or my Instagram for pictures of Italy, of which I will be taking many.


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