4-Color to 35-Millimeter: Jonah Hex


A great cast is useless when the script doesn’t get the main character and the directing is lifeless. The great superhero movie rewatch suffers through an utter botch of everything that is good about Jonah Hex, as the first appearance (of many) by Josh Brolin in this rewatch is also by far the least.

An excerpt:

This movie has a remarkably good cast, who almost all give remarkably bad performances. Morgan is superb, as I said, and Reddick also does very well with the dry Smith. But that’s it. Josh Brolin deadpans his way through the role sounding like a fourth-rate Clint Eastwood, his snottiness having none of the bite we’d expect from Hex. Michael Fassbender is relying on his bowler hat and his comedy Irish accent to do his acting for him. Aidan Quinn may be the worst casting of Ulysses Grant ever, neither Michael Shannon nor Will Arnett are actually on screen enough to have any impact, John Malkovich is pretty much phoning it in, and Megan Fox can’t even find the damn phone.

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