what’s new on Patreon


Here’s what’s gone up on my Patreon in the month of November:

  • $1/month and up: a review of The Spy Who Dumped Me, with a review of The Grand Budapest Hotel coming in the next few days
  • $2/month and up: several new cat pictures
  • $5/month and up: reviews of the tenth season of M*A*S*HSnowfall, and Marvel’s Daredevil
  • $7/month and up: several excerpts from Mermaid Precinct
  • $10/month and up: two new vignettes, one featuring Shirley Holmes and Jack Watson, the other featuring Lieutenants Manfred and Kellan from the Dragon Precinct series
  • $20/month and up: first looks at each chapter of Mermaid Precinct as I completed them

Please consider supporting me in these endeavors. You’re missing out on some really fine stuff if you don’t.

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