irons in the fire update


Travelling to Italy was amazing, but I’m so far behind on stuff…..

The “Precinct” books. Mermaid Precinct is done, and it’s with my editor, who is also my wife. Handy being married to a professional editor. Less handy when that same professional editor is also a layout/production person who’s latest project went kerflooey because of a bug in the latest update of InDesign, so she’s been wrestling with that instead of editing Mermaid. Sigh. But soon! Also “The Fall of Iaron” is ready to go, and is also awaiting Wrenn’s production skills (she can do that in an afternoon, she just has to have a spare afternoon to do it). In addition, “The Midwinter of Our Discontent” will be in Release the Virgins! I’ve read over the galleys, and it all looks great. Book should be out in the early part of 2019. I actually came up with the plot for Phoenix Precinct in Italy, and the plot for Manticore Precinct was already in my head, so the next two books will be good to go when I can carve out time to write them.

Thrillers. My first collaborative thriller has had some difficulty finding a publisher for actually understandable, if frustrating, reasons. We’re gonna keep trying, but put it aside and work on some other stuff. My collaborator and I have three other novel ideas, and I’m working on the first of those three right now.

Game tie-in. I’m in the midst of the first “season” of “episodes” of this serialized storyline. Hoping to get it done this week. And I’ve got about a dozen or so “seasons” planned out, so this’ll keep me busy for a while.

Alien: Isolation. Should be getting feedback from my editor on this manuscript this week. (Yucky outside circumstances kept him from getting to it sooner, sadly.) The January 2019 pub date is not really realistic at this point, but it should be out by the spring if all goes well. I’ll know more after I talk to him.

KRADitorial. We’ve got two manuscripts to work on right now, with a third likely to come this week, assuming he liked the sample edit Wrenn and I did.

18th Race. The third book in this trilogy is the next thing after the collaborative thriller.

Super City Cops. Over the course of 2019, I’ll be writing four new novellas featuring Detectives Milewski and Alvarado and their attempts to keep the peace in a city filled with spandex-clad heroes.

Short stories. I have three anthology invites that I have to write the stories for soon. One will be a 1950s-style alien invasion tale. One will be about a new character who’s been batting around in my head, a young woman with engineering skills but without the education/certifications you need to be one (as those cost money she doesn’t have), and so who works “beneath her station,” as it were, on the moon and in space. One will be a new Cassie Zukav story.

Cassie Zukav and Shirley & Jack. I have ideas for stories involving both of these original story cycles, just need time and/or a market.

Bram Gold. Waiting for the galleys for A Furnace Sealed, as well as a cover. And a final pub date. After that, I need to figure out the plot for Book 2.

So just in general, I have the following under contract, but not yet written: three more collaborative thrillers, one collaborative SF novel, two more “Precinct” novels, two more Bram Gold novels, four more Super City Cops novellas, and a ton of game tie-in novellas. So 2019’s gonna be busy, is what I’m saying.


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