I have a frozen shoulder


So last October, during a sparring class, I wrenched my shoulder. At first I figured I just pulled something, but it kept hurting every time I raised my arm. I iced it and took it easy on it and all that stuff, and also avoided sparring class. I’ve been taking it easy on right-hand techniques and also doing only one-handed pushups. (My left arm is getting mighty, y’all…..)

Because of the trip to Italy that took up most of November, I didn’t want to start any medical processes that would have to be interrupted by the trip, and besides which, I already had an appointment with my primary-care doctor to discuss blood work for early December, shortly after Italy.

At that appointment, she looked at the shoulder and immediately scheduled me for an X-ray and referred me to an orthopedist.

I got the X-ray a couple of weeks ago and saw the ortho this morning. He diagnosed me with a frozen shoulder. Likely I strained or sprained something in the shoulder three months ago and scar tissue formed — a common side effect among people with hypothyroidism, which I’ve had for 26 years. The scar tissue is what’s preventing my proper range of motion.

So the good news is, I don’t need surgery (at least not yet), and I don’t even need to go for an MRI. The ortho gave me a steroid injection and prescribed physical therapy for me for the next couple of months. And I keep doing what I’ve been doing at the dojo, which is handy.

That’s my medical update. You may now return to your regularly scheduled Tuesday, already in progress………………..


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