I’m’na be back at Dragon Con 2019!


It’s on the web site, so it must be true! I’m gonna be an author guest at Dragon Con over Labor Day weekend in Atlanta this year.

Here’s the bio that’s on the site:

Keith R.A. DeCandido has been a guest at Dragon Con on and off for the past two decades. His fiction includes more than 50 novels, about a hundred short stories, and a bunch of comics in more than thirty media tie-in universes from Alien to Zorro and worlds of his own creation as well. His recent and upcoming work includes A Furnace Sealed, the first book in his new urban fantasy series about a nice Jewish boy from the Bronx who hunts monsters; Mermaid Precinct, the fifth novel in his fantasy police procedure series; Alien: Isolation, the definitive novel about the Ripley family; short stories in the anthologies Baker Street Irregulars, Joe Ledger: Unstoppable (his story in that anthology won the Scribe Award for Best Short Story), Mine! (a Planned Parenthood benefit comics anthology that won the Ringo Award for Best Anthology), They Keep Killing Glenn, TV Gods: Summer Programming, Unearthed, etc.; the graphic novel adaptation of Gregory Wilson’s novel Icarus; the Orphan Black coffee table book Classified Clone Report; and much more. Keith also writes about pop culture for a variety of sources, most notably Tor.com (where he writes about Star Trek, superhero movies, Marvel’s Netflix TV shows, Doctor WhoBatman, Stargate, and more), Patreon (movie and TV reviews), and various essay collections. Keith is also a third-degree black belt in karate (his practical self-defense workshops have become a Dragon Con staple), a professional musician (he has been a musical guest at Dragon Con with both the Don’t Quit Your Day Job Players and the Boogie Knights), and lots of other things he can’t really remember due to the lack of sleep.

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