4-Color to 35-Millimeter: Captain America: The Winter Soldier


The second Captain America movie is also one of the jewels in the crown of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as we meet the Winter Soldier and the Falcon, bring back Cap, the Black Widow, and Nick Fury, and if that’s not enough for this masterpiece of a superheroic thriller, we’ve got Robert fucking Redford! The great superhero movie rewatch raves over Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

An excerpt:

The pacing is fantastic, the characterization is strong, the acting is amazing, the dialogue is crackling. Things never slow down enough to get boring, nor speed up enough to be exhausting. The plot unfolds nicely, with revelations coming slowly and sensible, with only two really big “gotcha” moments—Rogers realizing who the Winter Soldier is, and Zola’s ghost-in-the-machine act under Camp Lehigh. Even those work, the former because it’s quick and brutal, the latter because it’s kind of important, and seeing a pixelated Toby Jones deliver it snidely makes it all work. And it even serves a purpose, as Zola admits that he’s stalling.

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