Thrilling Adventure Yarns table of contents


Should the Crazy 8 Press anthology of new pulp stories, Thrilling Adventure Yarns, be Kickstarted — and it’s 80% funded with 25 days to go, so I like our odds — here’s what the table of contents will be:

Thrilling Two-Fisted Adventures

  • “Opium Dreams” by Paige Daniels
  • “The Juggernauts of El Dorado” by Robert T. Jeschonek
  • “The Legend of Hammer Jack Curry” by Russ Colchamiro
  • “Masks” by Michael Jan Friedman
  • “Belle of the Ball” by Aaron Rosenberg

Thrilling Mystery Adventures

  • “Girl Running from House” by Jim & Becky Beard
  • “Trouble Came” by Kathleen O. David

Thrilling War Adventure

  • “Hate Hop” by Lester Dent

Thrilling Western Adventure

  • “The Last Gunslinger” by Mary Fan

Thrilling Romance Adventures

  • “Not Just an Intern” by Amy Lewanski
  • “The Green Lady and the Rogue” by Karissa Laurel

Thrilling Graphic Adventure

  • “The Invasion from Planet X” by Glenn Hauman

Thrilling Alien Adventure

  • “The Third Law” by Derek Tyler Attico

Thrilling Occult Adventure

  • “The Outsiders” by Jenifer Purcell Rosenberg

Thrilling Sword and Sorcery Adventures

  • “Dreams of Kingdom” by Paul Kupperberg
  • “Aftermath” by Robert Greenberger


Stories that will get added if we hit the $5000 stretch goal

  • “The Crazy Complicated Cat Caper” by Will Murray
  • “Professor Ironheart and the Fuhrerbunker” by Peter David
  • “Alien Invasion of Earth!” by Keith R.A. DeCandido

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