my review of Marvel’s The Punisher season 2


The sophomore outing for The Punisher is a disorganized disaster, a flustercuck, as one character would put it. There are some promising notions, and some superb set pieces, but it’s a disaster in execution. Click here for my review on

An excerpt:

And once again, the show refuses to even acknowledge that it’s part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the sole exceptions being the presence of Deborah Ann Woll’s Karen Page in one episode, Rob Morgan’s Turk Barrett in another episode, and Royce Wilson’s Detective Brett Mahoney as a recurring character. But even there, it’s problematic, as the events of Daredevil season 3 should have informed the characterizations of Page and especially Mahoney. At this point in the MCU timeline, Hell’s Kitchen, Harlem, and Chinatown each has its own neighborhood hero (and you can throw Forest Hills in there too, thanks to a certain spidery character played by Tom Holland), and that’s the sort of thing that should maybe come up in conversation when this particular vigilante comes back to town. For that matter, Mahoney’s very recent experiences both with Bullseye pretending to be Daredevil and especially with Wilson Fisk’s gaggle of corrupt federal agents should affect his dealings with, respectively, Castle and Madani. (And this has to take place after DD season 3, as Page is back to working for Nelson & Murdock, which is how she gets in to see Castle in the hospital, as she works for his lawyer of record, as established back in DD season 2.)

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