Star Trek: Discovery‘s “An Obol for Charon”

I Was All Over The Internet On Friday But Didn’t Post About It Until Sunday Night Because I Was At Farpoint Part 1:


The fourth episode of Star Trek: Discovery‘s second season has Rebecca Romijn being amazing as Number One, doing Majel Barrett proud; Tig Notaro returning as the awesome Jett Reno; Anthony Rapp and Mary Wiseman being their usual awesome selves as Stamets and Tilly; and Doug Jones upping the ante on his usual awesomeness as Saru. Check out my review of “An Obol for Charon.”

An excerpt:

Prior to that, we get some magnificent banter between Stamets and Notaro’s Jett Reno, who’s still on board and now serving in engineering. In addition, Wiseman gives us some insight into Tilly’s childhood. (And of course her favorite song is “Space Oddity,” and of course Stamets knows the words, too. And yes, my wife and I sang along with them when they started singing it, and yay for a Star Trek show with the budget to actually get the rights to David Bowie songs, instead of subjecting us to the same twelve public domain songs over and over again.) Notaro and Rapp have their banter down cold, and it’s a delight, from Reno’s insistence that she can’t be insulted no matter how hard Stamets tries (and he does try), to the snotty comments about mushrooms, to Reno’s facility for fixing things with duct tape, to Stamets throwing Reno’s “house dressing” remark back at her. Plus this entire subplot has the three engineers throwing technobabble together at a great rate, in the finest tradition of Starfleet engineers who can, as a Vorta put it once, make rocks into replicators.

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