4-Color to 35-Millimeter: Ant-Man

I Was All Over The Internet On Friday But Didn’t Post About It Until Sunday Night Because I Was At Farpoint Part 2:


An Ant-Man movie that nobody wanted, except Edgar Wright, and he wound up not even directing it. Meanwhile the movie itself cops to the fact that it should really be about the Wasp — a far more important character in Marvel’s history than either version of Ant-Man — and twists itself into a pretzel to justify Ant-Man being the main character. The great superhero movie rewatch is frustrated by Ant-Man.

An excerpt:

So we have a movie that forces Ant-Man down our throats, at the expense of the Wasp. Not only that, the movie itself cops to the fact that the Wasp would be better suited to this, but she’s sidelined because Pym’s grief over his wife’s death is so great. Emily Asher-Perrin put it best on this very sitewhen the movie came out: “Essentially, Janet van Dyne was fridged to give Hank Pym enough pain to prevent Hope van Dyne from being the main character.” In order to justify having this be an Ant-Man movie, they have to kill the Wasp in a flashback (reducing her to a character with no lines cast with an extra, though that she’s in her helmet the whole time means that anyone can be cast in the role down the line, as indeed Michelle Pfeiffer will be—but that’s the next movie, and our issue here is with this one) and sideline the actual capable character.

I don’t even buy the reasoning—not that it’s rational at all, it’s a father’s irrational love, but still—because Hope is in danger every second of the movie anyhow. She’s pretending to be friends with a psychopath and putting herself in the same line of fire as everyone else. But Pym doesn’t want her to get hurt, so he keeps her out of the Ant-Man suit. Yes, much better that she be in a room filled with people holding guns and not have the super-suit that would allow her to shrink and grow at will, and also fly. Brilliant.

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