A Furnace Sealed hardcover and book bundle available!


The hardcover of A Furnace Sealed, Book 1 of The Adventures of Bram Gold — my new urban fantasy series set in my home borough of the Bronx, New York — is now available from Amazon (along with the eBook and trade paperback)! You can also order directly from WordFire Press, and, of course, you can get the eBook from Barnes & Noble, Kobo, or Smashwords.

In addition, the book is available from Baen Books, and you can get a bundle of all four of WordFire Press’s February 2019 releases in one shot, which includes A Furnace Sealed as well as Kevin J. Anderson’s Selected Stories Volume 2: Science Fiction, Alan Dean Foster’s A Taste of Different Dimensions: 15 Fantasy Tales from a Master Storyteller, and Nathan B. Dodge’s Shadow Warriors: Ambush.


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